Pi Presents is a toolkit for producing interactive multimedia applications for museums, visitor centres, and more.

There are a number of Digital Signage solutions for the Raspberry Pi which are generally browser based, limited to slideshows, non-interactive, and driven from a central server enabling the content to be modified frequently.

Pi Presents is different, it is stand alone, multi-media, highly interactive, diverse in it set of control paradigms – slideshow, cursor controlled menu, radio button, and hyperlinked show, and able to interface with users or machines over several types of interface. It is aimed primarly at curated applications in museums, science centres, and visitor centres.

Being so flexible Pi Presents needs to be configured for your application. This is achieved using a simple to use graphical editor and needs no Python programming. There are numerous tutorial examples and a comprehensive manual.

There are three versions of Pi Presents ‘Gapless’ is the current stable version. ‘Beep’ is bleeding edge software containing the latest features. ‘Next’ is now more than 3 years old and missing many of the refinements and later developments. It is end of life.