Beta of a Major Upgrade to Pi Presents

I am pleased to announce a major upgrade to Pi Presents.

A Beta test version is available at for you to try at

I would appreciate any comments about the useability of the new features and any bugs, either on the Raspberry Pi Forum   here or on Github in the Issues tab.

Improvements include:

New audioplayer which will play audio tracks without affecting the display, uses MPlayer
Audio tracks can be sent to left or right speakers or stereo.
Audio tracks can have associate images and text.
Volume of a track can be set.

New animation subsystem, turn GPIO on or off synchronised with tracks
GPIO is now fully configurable, assign pins to buttons, trigger inputs, or animation outputs

Time of day triggers for liveshow and mediashow, start a show at a time of day, end a show after a period of time or at a time of day.
When waiting for time of day can display the time of the next show.

Can now play two or more shows simultaneously
Control keys and buttons can be disabled for chosen shows.

Messages can now have background images or text.

Simplified setup and use of fullscreen – thanks tjaehnel

Tracks in mediashow and liveshow can now be shuffled

Provision in the editor for seamless looping (waiting for omxplayer to be upgraded)
Provision in editor for windowed videos (waiting for omxplayer to be upgraded)
Added .m4v to video types
Volume of a track can now be set

Enhanced triggering – moving to the next track can now be triggered by GPIO

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