Major Upgrade to Beta of next version released

I have just uploaded version 1.2.2a of Pi Presents to [pipresents-next]

This is a major revision responding to the many suggestions that you have made. It has two new show types, many improvements to the players, and the beginnings of a system that will allow additional input and output devices to be added.

My thanks to all who have provided ideas for improvement, keep them coming.

Comments, queries here please:

From changelog.txt:
new – hyperlinkshow for touchscreen type shows in museums
new – radiobuttonshow content chooser for kiosks with buttons
new – input subsystem has been completely redesigned to facilitate the addition of new input device drivers.
new – control track has been removed. Show Control is now available in all track types
new – Audio tracks can now have zero duration to allow them to be used solely for animation and show control.
enhancement – omxplayer now plays videos in a window
enhancement – imageplayer images can be scaled to fit in a window
enhancement – messageplayer, position of text can now be specified
enhancement – all track types now have background colour, background images, show text, track text, and animation control
enhancement – track and show text can now be multi-line
enhancement – liveshows now have windows for images and videos, background images, and show text which can be applied to dynamic content.
enhancement – shutdown the Pi or exit Pi Presents using Show Control
enhancement – run-time controls such as volume control for OMXPlayer and MPlayer
enhancement – configuraton files xxx.cfg can now be in a profile or pp_home.
enhancement – GPIO inputs can trigger events on both edges and repeatedly when in a state, fields of gpio.cfg have been modified as a consequence.
enhancement – CTRL-BREAK can be reconfigured to another key.

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