Update to Beta version [pipresents-next] now available


I have just uploaded an update to [pipresents-next]. Hopefully it fixes the problem people were having with using Pi Presents non-fullscreen having a small window. I cannot test it as I do not have a small resolution monitor.

The editor has also been enhanced and validation has caught up with the last set of profile format changes.


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2 Responses to Update to Beta version [pipresents-next] now available

  1. KenT says:

    Use the OMX Window field of the track or show and type 0 0 1920 1080 (or whatever your screen size is

    The field just uses the omxplayer –win option to select any size of video window you want –


    I vaguely remember that the Pi would play avi;s without additional codecs.

  2. David Guest says:

    I’m having trouble converting an avi video to MKV… I converts all right, but fails to fill the full screen. Is there a setting anywhere that can make it stretch to the full screen….


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