Major Upgrade to Beta of next version released

I have just uploaded version 1.2.3a of Pi Presents to [pipresents-next]

This is a major revision responding to the many suggestions that you have made. It has a web browser, a much enhanced menushow, and ‘plugins’ which allow you to write Python code to implement dynamic displays.

My thanks to all who have provided ideas for improvement, keep them coming.

Comments, queries here please:

From changelog.txt:

new – browser player to play web tracks stored locally or on the internet
new – menushow has many new menu layouts with icons and bullets
new – much improved scaling of images in ImagePlayer
new – plugins (user provided python modules) allow dynamic content to modify images or to be written to the display, and lots more if you are brave!

enhancement – video window, image window and web window now use the same terminology
enhancement –  menus can now have a background colour
enhancement – hint positioning in mediashow and liveshow now more flexible
enhancement – hint positioning in menu now more flexible
enhancement – liveshow can now include web tracks
enhancement – all track types now have the same set of ancillaries:
message player has track text
message player has show text
enhancement – ability to inhibit display of show text and show background in individual tracks
all players have display show text
all players have display show background

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4 Responses to Major Upgrade to Beta of next version released

  1. says:

    The examples executable does not have the permissions to execute….

  2. says:

    The update tool seems to have a bug … in the messages it puts the duration in the thumbnails box and everything else displaced by 1 box … Thus nothing validates….

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