[pipresents-next] Version 1.2.3d

I have just updated [pipresents-next] to version 1.2.3d.  The hyperlinkshow now has a repeat command which allows videos to be used in pages of the show.

There is an example profile demonstrating its use here



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25 Responses to [pipresents-next] Version 1.2.3d

  1. FJ says:

    Thx for a great program!
    Not only a newbie in the rpi/linux world but also stuck in the installation of pipresents.
    After updating downloading all the relevant stuff I reach the last step.
    Where I input the following from a terminal window in the home directory:

    sudo wget http:\\github.com\KenT2\pipresents-next\tarball\master -0 – | tar xz

    I get the error:
    wget:invalid option — ‘0’
    gzip:stdin:not in gzip format
    tar:child returned status 1
    tar: Error is not recoverable

    I can’t find any other resources on pipresents install for complete newbies so thats why I write here.

    Many thx


  2. Marian Lein says:

    I’d like to ask you a question about the current version: In the webpage about features you state under “video player”: Add a background image and text specific to this track.
    Currently I’m building a solution for some project in which I generate a static media show tracklist (media.json), which works fine, but for some reason the feature mentioned above won’t work…

    I’m creating the tracklist in a loop, in which $line is the file to be added. So much for my setup, now here’s my code to generate the json file:
    “animate-begin”: “”,
    “animate-clear”: “no”,
    “animate-end”: “”,
    “background-colour”: “grey”,
    “background-image”: “”,
    “display-show-background”: “yes”,
    “display-show-text”: “no”,
    “links”: “”,
    “location”: “$line”,
    “omx-audio”: “hdmi”,
    “omx-volume”: “”,
    “omx-window”: “original”,
    “plugin”: “”,
    “show-control-begin”: “”,
    “show-control-end”: “”,
    “thumbnail”: “”,
    “title”: “”,
    “track-ref”: “”,
    “track-text”: “”,
    “track-text-colour”: “”,
    “track-text-font”: “”,
    “track-text-x”: “0”,
    “track-text-y”: “0”,
    “type”: “video”
    }, [next file]
    What I’d like to do is: Have $line (which will be the file name) displayed on top of the background so I see what video file is currently being played in omxplayer.

    Where can I add this?
    (if what I want to do isn’t clear to you, please contact me via email.)

    • KenT says:

      The text goes in track-text and the background image in background-image. However I suspect your problem is that video always appears in front of images and text so if your ‘original’ video takes up the whole screen you will not see any background or text.

      • Marian Lein says:

        okay, sorry for not clarifying this – This is OK – I want the text being displayed behind the video due to our setup, but this doesn’t work, unfortunately. Can I also write a text if there’s no bg image, but only a color set?

        • Marian Lein says:

          OK I found the issue – Since I need to specify the font / style / etc. there.

          • KenT says:

            Its well worth validating a profile using the editor or the -v command line option. It picks up many, but not all, omissions.

            • Marian Lein says:

              oooh yes. But since I was just writing out the JSON from a script I didn’t think of the GUI validation tool… But thank you anyway for your quick response!

  3. JB says:

    Which files, if any, can be removed once your product is fully installed? For example, can the KenT2-pipresents-next-examples and pexpect-2.3 files be removed without concern?

    • KenT says:

      The example profile directories and the media can be removed. I would keep the directory structure and put your own profiles there.
      Think its OK to remove pexpect as installing it copies the files somewhere else. But why bother its not a lot of memory.

  4. V達 says:

    Hello, I have problem with pipresent

    when I play video by GPIO with 4 buttons in Menu Type

    [Play] [Up] [Down] [Stop]

    Screen is always blacked after video finished

    its need to press anykey to return Menu, it wont return to Menu by itself

    Is this omxplayer bug or something?

    sorry for my poor english

    • KenT says:

      I have had no reports of problems with Pi Presents in this area so I am thinking it has something to do with omxplayer playing your particular video.
      Have you increased the size of GPU memory?
      If you play the video with omxplayer from the terminal does it work?
      If you run PP from the terminal are there any error reports etc. printed in the terminal window.
      Try one of the PP example videos in place of yours in your menu do these work.

  5. James Firth says:

    I am currently using pipresents-next in a school for running pupil videos and information to a number of pi’s with screens throughout the school with all the video coming from a central NAS server (where the pp_livetracks folder is the mountpoint for the NAS), and it works great.
    Is there a timeline for when the liveshow will be able to play from user selected folders?
    Ultimately I would like to have seperate folders for different school subjects which the teachers can add media to and have seperate liveshows starting at different times of the day without needing further interaction when videos are changed. Starting shows at various times I can do but liveshow always runs from that one base folder and it would be nice to have seperate liveshows run from different folders.

    • KenT says:

      Not sure what you mean by user selected folders. Have you used the -l command line option. It allows you to specify the location of a second live tracks directory. This could be different for each Pi.

      If you need two user specified directories you could modify line 93 of pp_liveshow.py – from the defaault directory to something like.

      self.pp_live_dir1 = ‘/media/nas/user1/live_tracks’

      [pipresents-gapless] will allow both directories to be specified in the show profile, not sure this helps much more other than no need for Python programming.

  6. Bill Hardison says:

    Hi Ken,
    I started with PiPresents before I realized PP-next was as far along as it is (GREAT work btw) I am a -nix buffoon so before I screw things up going to PP-next, any tips on removing PP before I install PP-next?
    Oh and I am working on this for different kiosk applications in public libraries around NW Ohio.

    Thanks again for a superb bit of magic.

    • KenT says:

      You can remove pp just be deleting the pipresents directory and the examples by deleting the pp_home directory. However you may prefer to rename them instead.

      You can run pipresents from any folder. However the profiles must always be in pp_home so instead of renaming it move it to a parent directory e.g. old_pp_x. You can then use it with the option -o /home/pi/old_pp_x

      Don’t forget to install the additional packages that are required by pipresents-next.

      You can upgrade profiles you have made using pp_editor with the –forceupdate option, however they will be additional mods required after the upgrade (see release_notes.txt). Don’t bother to upgrade the examples download the pipresents-next ones.

  7. Hi Ken, I was wondering if it’s possible to have a single gpio button trigger both the start and the end of a show (if the show is running of course).

    • KenT says:

      Hi Antonio
      This is not possible with at the moment. Several people have asked for it and I will put it in the next version.

      Meanwhile have a look at this post.

  8. Ken: How stable would you consider 1.2.3d? I’m running 1.1.2 and really enjoying your wonderful work!

    • KenT says:

      From the point of view of modifications Version 1.2 should not change again except for bug fixes. I am heavily into Version 1.3 [pipresent-gapless]. When I get round to it I will change the text on Github to say Version 1.1 is obsolescent and 1.2 is now the one to start with.

      From the point of view of omxplayer unreliability, its omxplayer rather than PP that is unreliable. It appears that omxplayer is much better then it was as there are few if any current reports of problems.

      If you upgrade you do not need to lose the old PP. Just rename the two old directories or alternatively put the new one in a directories with a different name (there is a new set of examples for 1.2), and use the -o option to access the renamed pp_home. There have been quite a few changes to the profile in the 5 versions of 1.2. The editor should change all the fields in the profile but will not populate the changed fields. You need to follow through the release notes for each minor version to see what needs fixing. I have never jumped from 1.1.2 to 1.2.3e, tell me if there are problems.

  9. Michel Dumont says:

    Hello there, wonderful work you are doing. I plan to create a display using high definition pictures from valuable books too fragile for the public to manipulate. When is use of the GPU planned in the handling of pictures?

    Also, is it possible to change the function performed by the GPIO pins to allow the user to select a specific program from a series of 8 buttons (8 different tracks)?

    Many thanks

    • KenT says:

      It will be a while before I use the GPU to display images. I have started working on the modification but it is taking much longer than I expected.

      If you use a radiobuttonshow then you can use gpio buttons to start tracks or shows. The example pp_radiobuttonshow_1p2 does what you want. You will need to edit gpio.cfg and add additional links to move from 4 to 8 buttons.

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