Pi Presents Gapless – Integration with other programs

There have been several versions of gapless which have made minor improvements to shows and tracks and bug fixes. Version 1.3.1d introduces 2 new features:

a. Pi Presents now responds to a SIGTERM signal sent by the Linux kill command by cleanly closing files and sub-processes such as omxplayer. This allows Pi Presents to be started and stopped from bash scripts and other programs. It will be particularly useful if you want to change the profile remotely.  There is a demonstration script in pp_control.sh

b. The background of Pi Presents when no shows are running can now be changed. Pending its inclusion in the profile editor you will need to edit one line of pipresents.py (see changelog.txt)

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One Response to Pi Presents Gapless – Integration with other programs

  1. imaginology says:

    Hi Ken, thank you for sharing your work. Your programming enabled my rapid adoption and confidence in the RPi system.

    I am installing a push button english/spanish video kiosk solution in a Phoenix, Arizona, Native American museum and will have pics to share shortly.

    I fully support this software and will be looking into your gapless progress shortly.

    Thank you,

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