Pi Presents puts the Icing on the Cake

Nicholas Bartley from the USA sent me this link to his Pi Presents creation. I’ve heard of a number of people who have used Pi Presents to produce a slideshow for their wedding but Nick has really put the icing on the cake.

Nick says:

I just wanted to let you know that I used your program to
make a Grooms cake for my brothers wedding. He loves Stargate so I
knew I had to make him some form of Stargate cake. I saw examples of
cakes online but I wanted to take it to the next level and have it
actually light up and play sounds. I started researching how to
accomplish this and came across your program. Pi Presents made my
cake presentation possible and relatively easy to accomplish. I just
wanted to give you a big thanks and share with you the video of the
final product.

Stargate Cake

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One Response to Pi Presents puts the Icing on the Cake

  1. David Guest says:

    Awesome cake and equally awesome imagination!!!!

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