Browser based management and profile editing – 1.3.1f

I now have a couple of installations of my own. In both cases the Pi is difficult to access for editing profiles or for starting Pi Presents running alternative profiles.

I could of course edit the profiles on a Windows PC and ftp them to the target Pi’s; I could also stop and start Pi Presents using Putty. However both of these are not conducive to use by Visitor Centre staff.

The result was the use of RemI. RemI runs a web server on the target Pi and generates web pages that present a gui in a browser which looks very similar to the Python gui on the native Pi. I have implemented two ‘Apps’ as they are called. allows you to start Pi Presents with a selected profile, stop it, upload media and run the other ‘App’ which is the Pi Presents profile editor with a slightly different user interface. The editor is actually running on the target Pi.

Instructions are in the manual but basically you start when the Pi powers up or manually, then using a browser on any machine on the network just point the browser at the target Pi’s IP address on a special port. Since each Pi has a different IP address you can control any Pi on the network. To make it easier it is best to give the Pi a static IP addresses.

There are other methods of remote management. David Guest describes one which is more suitable if you have a number of Pi’s each with the same content.

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2 Responses to Browser based management and profile editing – 1.3.1f

  1. ray ashman says:

    I am trying out PiPresents on a pi zero w and am worried that running the manager server will impact on the presentation performance. Is there much of a performance overhead using the server?

    • KenT says:

      I have not noticed much impact with a Pi 3 but have not tried a Pi Zero. The main effect will be on the load time of images and videos which is disguised when using gapless.

      The impact is subjective so the best way is to try it out. You can alter the CPU time used by manager and editor by altering the update_interval in the call to start() at the end of and

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