Bugfix Release and end of Wheezy – 1.3.1g

I have recently uploaded Version 1.3.1g to [pipresents-gapless]. This contains two fixes for problems that seem to have been introduced by Raspbian Jessie especially when using RPi3, and a couple of fixes for corner use cases.

It would a appear that the autostart system in Jessie will start a user’s program before the operating system has set up the user environment; this leads to occasional failures of PP depending on the exact timing of the startup process. I have added intelligent delays to Pi Presents and the Web Based manager in the hope of fixing this.

With Jessie there has been reports of very occasional omxplayer crashes which did not occur with Wheezy. In my testing I had one failure after running a 1 second video for over 24 hours; this seemed to involve Pexpect. Rather than investigate Pexpect I have decided to move to Dbus to interface with omxplayer as this is now the preferred interface for omxplayer. I have left the old pp_omxdriver.py in the repo if you need to revert.

Both these problems are in the ‘difficult to know if they are fixed’ category and your experiences will be of great benefit.

This will be the last version of Pi Presents that I will develop and test on Wheezy. Wheezy does not work with Rpi3 and as been withdrawn from the RPi web site.

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2 Responses to Bugfix Release and end of Wheezy – 1.3.1g

  1. Don Vukovic says:

    Have you tested with Ubuntu MATE ?

    • KenT says:

      PP is written in Python so it will probably work. However it requires omxplayer, mplayer, gpio and uzbl which may or may not be in MATE

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