Tutorial – Using Touchscreens with Pi Presents

Greg Reynolds from the Canadian Air and Space Museum in Ottawa has provided a tutorial on how to generate a profile for using a touchscreen. He provides much useful information which is not immediately obvious from the manual including the directory structure of Pi Presents. He takes you through editing screen.cfg which is the file that defines the layout of the touchscreen buttons and uses the radiobuttonshow template profile to show how to set up the control path between a touch and a video playing.

The tutorial is applicable to Version 1.3 (gapless). Version 1.2 (next) has detailed differences but the general principles are the same.

The tutorial is a pdf document which can be found here

The Raspberry Pi has a driver that supports touchscreens but there is little information about which touchscreens are supported. If you have successfully used a touchscreen with Pi Presents please tell us in a comment.

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One Response to Tutorial – Using Touchscreens with Pi Presents

  1. Harry Klancer says:

    I am building a WWII Living Room for our museum, with visitors able to sit and select music, newscasts, speeches, regular programming, commercials (this is the US) etc. We don’t use video files, but do use hundreds of audio files and a layered selector mechanism on the touch screen.
    Bought an ASUS VT207 and expected to have to go through all sorts of contortions to make it work. Plugged it into my Pi, wrote a screen config. file and – immediate success! I’m going to buy another ASUS for future experiments.

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