Version 1.3.5

A few enhancements since my last post:

The time of day scheduler is now programmed by the web based editor instead of the schedule.json file.

An I/O plugin for PN532 RFID tag reader.This allows ‘museum in a box’ type functionality which has been featured on the Raspberry Pi blog.

CEC commands to turn TV on/standby

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4 Responses to Version 1.3.5

  1. Bruce Huang says:

    Hi, can I use Pipresents with touchscreen so the user can click certain area of the screen and go to the desired page/presentation?

    • KenT says:

      The feature you need to read about is click areas. PP assumes that the touch screen driver produces mouse clicks. Look at the pp_clickareas_1p3 example

  2. KenT says:

    Well spotted,it’s fixed now

  3. Dave Hays says:

    Hello! Please check the link on your Download page, the embedded URL points to “next” even though the link text is to “gapless” Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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