IMPORTANT: Serious bug in

Hi All
I have just found a nasty bug in the web based manager Fortunately I doubt if many people use this part of the suite as I have not had any angry emails saying where have all my profiles or media gone.

In if you use the manage menu option to delete a profile or media and do not select an item then deletion is allowed but ALL the profiles or media are deleted.

The bug is present in pipresents-gapless and pipresents-beep.

I have pushed a fix to the pipresents-gapless Github a few minutes ago. I will not update Beep for few days as I am in the middle of an update to pp_web_editor and pp_manager. It was testing the update that revealed the problem, and yes all my profiles disappeared (fortunately I am an enthusiastic backer upper 🙂

Keep Safe


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  1. jhedtmann says:

    Thank you and stay healthy!


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