Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) and Pi Presents

The VLC for Pi developers have indicated that an update to VLC to provide the embedded facilities of OMXPlayer will take some time. It appears that it will involve both VLC and upstream code.

Fortunately Pi Towers have now produced and official legacy version of Raspberry Pi OS based on Buster. This will be updated while Debian continues to update its version of Linux, on which Raspberry Pi OS is based, at least for a couple of years.

I have updated the Readme’s for Beep and Gapless to use this version rather than the unofficial archive version that I suggested in November.

For Beep users there is one downside. The legacy OS replaces the hardware accelerated version of the Chromium Browser with the software accelerated version. This will be updated whereas the hardware accelerated version will not. I have provided instructions to install the hardware accelerated version if you find you need it.

More information about the legacy OS here:


You Should Think of Moving to Pi Presents Beep

The future Raspberry Pi OS, Bullseye and beyond, will not support Omxplayer and the old camera software. The browser used in Gapless, UZBL, is obsolescent. All of these are essential for Gapless.

The next version of Pi Presents (pipresents-kms) will use VLC, Chromium, and the new V4L2 based camera software only so Gapless users will need to change. Fortunately Pi Presents Beep uses Omxplayer or VLC for video, and Chromuim or UZBL for browser so it is the ideal stepping stone to the future.

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  1. Bonzadog says:

    I would personally much prefer Firefox to Chromium. I am not keen on any google product…even is only partly based on google . I heartily dislike google’s massive data collection policies

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