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IMG_0708I am a retired programmer and software systems engineer who designed real time embedded software systems. The last computer language I used for work was Coral66, which will give you an idea of how long ago that was. For years I have dabbled with many computer languages and  systems including BBC Micros, Risc PC’s, Windows PC’s, PIC processors and now the Raspberry Pi.

I am webmaster of two websites The Museum of Technology and The National Talking Express an audio magazine for the visually impaired. I also volunteer at College Lake a nature reserve near Tring, UK where, amongst other things, I farm wheat to conserve rare cornfield wild flowers and look after an exhibition of old farm machinery. It was the need in these museums and exhibitions for multi-media interpretation which led me to Pi Presents.

Having been introduced to open source software through the Raspberry Pi I was amazed at the time and effort which so many people put in to produce software for others, so I thought it worthwhile to do the same with Pi Presents. I am glad I did because the feedback I have got from users and potential users has given me so many good ideas for extensions to Pi Presents. Needless to say I have been so busy producing  Pi Presents that I have not had time to use it for my own intended projects, however one day I am sure I will.

Ken Thompson, M0GBP


7 Responses to About Me

  1. Ken, just thought I’d leave a message to say how wonderful this piece of software and more importantly the manual! is.
    I’ve spent the last few days downloading, installing and getting to know the software and everything I’ve wanted to to there’s been a way of doing it, really hats off to an astounding accomplishment. I will be making a donation from my business to the museum to show my appreciation.

  2. Brilliant software, Alan! Terrific job! How may we contribute for use of the source?

  3. Ken is our webmaster and an excellent job he does too. We cant wait to use this software when the museum is complete. See progress at http://www.museumoftechnology.org.uk

  4. Zebastian says:

    Great piece of software you’ve made. Thanks a lot!

  5. Gianluigi says:

    Pi Present is a really great software, thanks Ken!

  6. Partha Pratim Ray says:

    It is a HUGE JOB you have accomplished. Hats OFF.

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