I am hoping people using Pi Presents will tell us about what they used it for. If you would like to contribute an article, please contact me. Just a few lines on where you are using Pi Presents would be just as acceptable as a long article with more detail.

An Update from the Phelps Memorial Hospital

David’s update focuses on the remote management of a growing family of Pi’s Read it here

Pendulum Wave Machine

Read about an example of tight integration between Pi Presents and the exhibit here

Pi Presents meets PiTouch

Pi Presents can be used with a touchscreen. There is a review of the PiTouch touchscreen and its use with Pi Presents

Grandpa’s Family Channel

Peter van Nes has produced a rather lovely application based on Pi Presents. I think the title introduces it very well.
Grandpa’s Family Channel

Galloping away at the German Equine Museum

Peter Vasen has installed four Raspberry Pi’s running Pi Presents at the German Equine Museum in Verden, Lower Saxony. He has produced a video of his exhibits in action.


Pi Presents as Digital Signage in a Hospital

David Guest has contributed a very interesting article about how he uses Pi Presents in a hospital setting. In addition to describing how he built the show he considers the tools he used to develop the application and how he persuaded the hospital’s management to adopt the Raspberry Pi solution.