The stable version of Pi Presents (Version 1.3 [pipresents-gapless]) can be downloaded from here This version will not be developed further except for bug fixes.

Pi Presents Beep (Version 1.4) can be downloaded from here: This version is bleeding edge software and is continually developed. Use this version if you want to help me test Pi Presents or need its new features. This version will be the one that is updated to respond to requests for new features so be prepared to update your profiles occasionally and to accept that some bugs may be introduced along the way.

Versions 1.1 and 1.2 of Pi Presents are now unsupported, please use [pipresents-gapless] or beep.

This software is Careware. If you are using this software in a profit making situation please consider sharing some of those profits with the charity with which I am associated and which inspired Pi Presents – The Museum of Technology , a super little museum who are currently building themselves a larger home.

If you use Pi Presents as part of your product I would appreciate a charitable donation and reserve the right to charge a royalty, or impose further conditions.


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