Completely Removing the Cursor

After a suggestion by RPi Forum member Azizar the Pi Presents manual specifies installing Unclutter to remove the cursor from the screen.

However as Azizar found this did not completely solve the problem as the cursor was appearing briefly on images following the end of videos. As a result he found a solution which is here with a desctiption of the problem in the previous posts in the thread.

4 Responses to Completely Removing the Cursor

  1. Andy Graham-Cumming says:

    The solution by Azizar did not work for me – the cursor still flickered into life every now and then. Having now set up 3 hyperlink shows of varying complexity in both versions 1.2 and 1.3 and having spent some time trawling the internet, I have a solution to making the cursor vanish completely which works without using unclutter.

    1. Edit /home/pi/pipresents/ to comment out unclutter. The relevant line should be edited to read
    #os.system(‘unclutter &’)
    2. disable the X cursor
    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
    Look in [Seat:*] for
    Uncomment and change to
    xserver-command=X -nocursor
    ctrl-x to close, then save when prompted

    There is now no cursor. If you are not programming Pi Presents remotely using VNC viewer and the web based editor, don’t disable the cursor until after you have completed work on the presentation. šŸ˜‰

  2. KenT says:

    Just checking, did you do sudo rpi-update as recommended in the forum

  3. Marian Lein says:

    I’ve recently upgraded my Pi to a model 2 “B” with the 7″ (official) touch screen. While everything works fine from the presenting side, I noticed that with “unclutter” installed, the touch screen would no longer work…
    Once I uninstalled unclutter, the touchscreen works again.
    Do you know any way to make both of them work at the same time? Since there are Hyperlink shows I’d like to use and also a similar challenge in another project I’m currently working on and I basically need the mouse pointer out of the way by default (like in the lower right corner), but I do need it to activcate the hyperlinks… Your review on “PiTouch” doesn’t help, too, unfortunately.

    Maybe you can just email me, so I can explain what I have planned in greater detail, since I don’t want to make it *this* public…


    • KenT says:

      Hi Marian
      It sounds like unclutter is incompatible with the new display. Before making a workaround it would be better to fix the problem at source. I do not have a new display so could you ask about the problem in the Raspberry Pi Forum in the Display sub-fourm.

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