Can I serve Pi Presents pages using apache


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  1. Richiep says:

    Thanks Ken,
    Ultimately I’ll be using Pi Presents in place of a second generation Apple TV that I’m using to run a slideshow. The Apple TV is nice but it has limited functionality, Pi Presents looks like it’ll fill the gaps. I was also going to do some interactive stuff with an Arduino but it’s so much nicer to do it on the Pi. Thanks so much for doing the work and sharing it!

    I’ll be playing around with running it from the web directory and let you know how it goes.

    Glad you set up this site, I’ve made a few posts on the Raspberry Pi forums but I think it’s appropriate to have a sited dedicated to Pi Presents. It looks like a super powerful tool and I look forward to using it!


    • Richiep says:

      OK, so I’ve been working on this and I’m now stuck, seems to be a path issue. I moved pp_home to /var/www/pp_home and I’m running Pi Presents from /home/pipresents . I used to change the directory of home and media to

      when I run the script

      python /home/ -p pp_mediashow

      I get the following error.
      ERROR: ResourceReader: resources.cfg not found
      ERROR: PiPresents: showlist not found at /home/pipresents/pp_home/pp_profiles$

      Seems like it should be pointing to the web directory as described above.

      Any idea what’s going wrong?


      • KenT says:

        If the code of pipresents (the ‘browser’) is in /home/pipresents then the command to run it should be python /home/pipresents/

        If your pp_home is in /var/www and your profile is called pp_mediashow then the command options should be

        python /home/pipresents/ -o http://mydomain -p pp_mediashow (you might need a / after mydomain)

        pipresents should then find the showlist at /var/www/pp_home/pp_profiles/pp_mediashow/showlist.json

  2. Richiep says:

    I’m running Apache2 on my pi and would like to put pp_home in /var/www/ Is this possible?

    • KenT says:


      Welcome to the Pi Presents blog, you are my first ever follower. As you may have noticed the site is still under construction.

      Interesting question. pp_home could go anywhere; I assume your aim is then to use the web server to supply remote data to Pi Presents. If you run Pi Presents with the command line option -o http://mydomain/mydir and put pp_home in mydir then the argument of the -o option is just pre-pended to any file that Pi Presents opens. o its really a question of whether Python’s open(filename) copes with http… I know omxplayer does and I would expect mplayer to.

      I don’t have a set up to easily try this but I would be very interested in any experiments that you do. If it worked it would give Pi presents a really nice remote server capability.


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