Running Pi Presents on Other than a Raspberry Pi

The editor for Pi Presents ( has and will always run on other Linux machines and on Windows. However running Pi Presents itself on other machines is less easy primarily because of its use of omxplayer which is a Pi specific way of playing videos and the Pi specific gpio.

A while ago cbsrobot found mpv Player  and produced a Pi Presents fork for the Cubieboard. In addition to mpvplayer he used cubieboard drivers for gpio.

Recently drewkeller has used that fork to produce a version that runs under Linux Mint in virtualbox on Windows 8. It should also run under other Linux’es natively, maybe with a little work. Running natively under Windows will I suspect take considerably more work. His writeup and link to his fork are here

I searched the Internet to see if mpv Player would run on the Raspberry Pi. The answer appears to be yes, but slowly.

2 Responses to Running Pi Presents on Other than a Raspberry Pi

  1. Pirlouit says:

    Doeas an body have tryed to use the hardkernel odroid XU4 to run PP ?

  2. OG says:

    would you have any report of people running pipresents on radxa ( I have one coming on my way to test but would be nice to have a heads up =)

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